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Make 2020 your best year yet !

Are you a student of 18 years and above? Or maybe have parents too concerned about your health and don’t know whom to go to? Has the pollution really wreaked havoc to your system and have started falling ill too much?

Fret not! You have landed on the right time at the right place with the right people!

Nidsun now launches a “Student Friendly” and “Pocket Friendly” four weeks diet plan. Giving just what you need, a child friendly and a college goer’s easy health bible, and what’s best, you don’t have to shell too much out of your pocket. The plan focuses on healthy and nutritional eating while maintaining focus on Indian “Desi Meals” but with an interesting twist!

This plan focuses on the holistic and the overall development of the child/ student. Along with taking care of:

  • Disease conditions
  • Low Concentration
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Weakness
  • Low immunity
  • Fussy eating among others.

So let’s say hello to 2020, the year of Health, the easy and the Desi way!

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Terms & Conditions:

  1. This program is a non-refundable program.
  2. The diet plan provided would be easiest and the healthiest possible.
  3. We do not guarantee any weight gain or weight loss in our programs; it is a lifestyle modification program. Weight Loss and shaping would be a byproduct of a good lifestyle.  Once done would prove to be like a guideline for the rest of your life.
  4. Only the first 20 people can purchase the program.
  5. This would be an online program and proper communication is expected from the patient.
  6. Anyone signing up for the program is expected to clearly state the medical issues or any other food-related disorder/ allergies right at the beginning. If not done, NidSun won’t be liable for any issues cropping up post the diet plans are sent.

2 reviews for Sample – 2 week DesiMuscles Diet Program

  1. khushboo arora

    When will the next slot open?

    • nidhi

      Hopefully in new year 2019 ☺️

  2. Anuradha

    Loved it lost 5 kg

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