DesiMuscles Workout Plan – Subscription


So, you have a gym membership and have no idea what to do at the gym? And the personal trainer seems to be way too expensive?? Do not worry we have come up with an interesting and an innovative solution for you.

Recently launched, the online training subscription removes your need for hiring a personal trainer or buying out random apps that fail to customize a workout according to your bodily requirements! Now, you can get tailor-made plans from Nidhi, once a fortnight! What’s more is its cost-efficient, customized and yes, cheaper than your per month gym membership! Hurrah! What excuses do you have now? It really can’t get better than this!

So let’s start the hustle and grow stronger each day!

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The DesiMuscles™ program includes

    • Fortnightly customized workout plans with visual details
    • Periodization according to your goals
    • Can be home based or Gym based
    • All we need is your commitment


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