Diet Plan for Fat Loss


The minimum time required for someone to notice a change in your body while you are trying to transform it is 6 weeks , so After the basic 4 week course this takes you to next level in subsequent 4 weeks

  • Now you’ve laid the foundation, take your results to the next level.
  • Designed to tone, shape and sculpt your body
  • Typical healthy Fat Loss is 0.8-1.5 kg per week depending on the health and medical condition of the body

* results vary from person to person


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  • Comprehensive Weekly plan to give the transformation you want


    We are not believers on fancy diet plans.  Yes, you heard us, we believe in long term modifications in your existing routine as per your conveniences designed esp. for you by your expert nutritionist.. We don’t have pre-made planning and discussion with you, a nutritionist esp. appointed for you would modify your existing diet according to needs and medical conditions. You would have access to her / him all the time and your progress would be measured periodically. For more details you can call us at 011-46047888 or walk into any of our centers for details.


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