Are you suffering from PIG…not that pig!!

PIGProblem of Immediate Gratification [PIG]

refers to the universal principle that small immediate reward foods have a greater influence than a much larger health benefits if you could control in that moment, but obvious… with delayed reward…….meaning…food Incentives that are especially good at producing immediate gratification are especially corrupting and hinders your weight loss goal. At NidSun we make sure to correct hidden problems like PIG…..allow me to help you understand how we do it??

Friends as you all know that food can be good at inducing the desire for immediate gratification…..remember that erotic smell of fresh cakes, pizzas and pastries…as I am writing about these yummy foods, I see them and my salivary glands are asking me to go for it…to hell with weight loss …I’ll compensate it tomorrow but now …..Give it to me…Ha Ha Ha  ….PIG right!

It is very easy to understand, that the results of all your efforts of weight loss and keeping it off, will depend upon, how you perform during the high-risk situations like parties, in grocery shops, at bakers shop, emotional setback, hanging out with friends etc. At these critical moments, you will be fighting inside with yourself, at that moment: A part of you is thinking that you have done so much of effort to lose weight and is pulling you away from junk……and the other PIG part is convincing you to eat it …eat it …eat it…….life is too short to stop yourself from doing what you want …..Eat it……instant gratification…….and then guilt of eating….and then I hate myself with lot of F*** words ……and the cycle goes on… and on… and on,,,,, till you join NidSun ….. 🙂

There is so much of Positive energy in our team that part of you that can control PIG will be a winner all the way……. you want proof….. more than 50% of our clients report to us that after taking ultrasound and radiofrequency sessions they feel full and the urge to eat junk vanishes!!!!                  y a  y a …And the Pigs will fly…really they do…LOL

If you want a scientific evidence…here is the theory behind that… when you get your fat blasting therapies, as you guys already know the fat cells burst during sessions and are metabolised by the body… while all this is happening  these blasted fat cells release “leptin” a hormone released naturally by your fat cells. Interestingly leptin is also released when you exercise more than 2 hours a day…this Leptin released by fat cells during therapies naturally acts on receptors in your brain where it inhibits appetite and you don’t crave for food…the reason for solving PIG in our clients You See. An indirect effect of our therapies along with direct blasting of fat cells in those problem areas like tummy, thighs, hips, arms,  lower back love handles, calves … seeing your problem area vanishing and keep you mood elevated……….And the only side effect is weight loss!!.

And remember friends “live to eat” reflects weakness both emotionally and physically…and I know you are Strong.

Eat healthy and Keep Fit… 🙂

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