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Halwa for Breakfast


Yes ! I have a sweet tooth and I am guilty 😛 I do have halwa for breakfast and I know what you must be thinking. She’s lying , shes blessed …That body is genetics.

And trust me its not. …!!

Then how ?


Well newsflash ! You can absolutlry have halwa for breakfast and not become fat how ? Well #halwa contains #ghee and #sugar which consumed in the morning gives you #engery throughout the day

ayurveda have always had a special importance of #ghee  in diet , I know it’s fat and should be consumed in low quantities but one can’t ignore it’s benefits So have a read of the benefits and next time you’re enjoying your #desimeal  don’t forget to add a drizzle of #desighee  to it 😋😋 Ghee has the following benefits ▶ It  strengthens the brain and nervous system and promotes memory, intelligence, Agni (digestive fire)  and Ojas (essential life energy). ▶ Ghee is a great rasayana (rejuvenator) for the eyes ▶ It enhances the digestive fire while cooling and alkalizing ▶ It binds toxins and pacifies pitta and vata ▶ Enhances complexion and glow of the face and body ▶ It increases physical and mental stamina ▶ Ghee supports learning, retention, and recall ▶  Increases longevity ▶ Ghee cools and lubricates the stomach wall ▶ It nurtures and cleanses blood tissue #Yoga  #yogafood  #ayurveda  #eatdesi  #indianfood  #nidsun  #foodporn  #gheebenefits  #glowingskin  #skinsecrets

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