How Soon can I start weight loss therapies and exercise after delivering baby?


Today, One of our celebrity weight loss client asked me this question. She has had cesarean section 2 weeks back and had come for weight loss sessions at NidSun.

If you had Cesarean Section Delivery: 

My answer to her was that she should not do anything for another week as her operation was a bikini incision Cesarean in which you should delay any kind of physical activity until 3 weeks. We told her to wait for 2 more months before she can start with the therapy sessions at NidSun.

In case of those of you who have had “up and down” Cesarean should wait for 6 weeks and then go for check up before beginning of exercise. After 6 weeks and green signal from doctor you can start any form of exercise you like keeping in mind that being with a small baby will put a stress on mother and you should make sure you have enough of rest and sleep with exercise.

We can start with weight loss therapies after 6 week, but in other regions like hips, thighs and arms and we don’t recommend treatments in and around operated area for at least 4 months.

In case of Normal Delivery:

If however you had a normal delivery, you should walk around a little within hours of giving birth. This will improve circulation and heal your body faster. In first two days you can do very gentle exercise to help get your stomach muscles be toned up a little. Gradually you can increase walk pace and time.

Once you are home you can carry on walking may be twice a day for a short period but slowly. You can come for weight loss treatments after 2 months of normal delivery to shed some extra baby fat to get your figure back.


Eat Good Live Lite 🙂

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