How to Stay Fit on Diwali

One of the most revered Indian Festival, Diwali, brings with itself a great deal of joy, wealth and happiness. But along with that, it also brings you loads of extra calories, calories and then a few more calories. Constantly going out, to meet and greet people, eating and making merry, brings with it self some unwanted friends that tend to trouble you on the health front.

So to make things a little easy for you, we have got a few tips that would make your Diwali amazing and healthy both at the same time.

  1. Water: Running to give that one last gift of the day, to that guest whom you meet maybe once a year? Fret not, have some water, you will still make it on time, and be hydrated at the same time. Water is the easiest thing to forget or maybe even give up on. Always carry with yourself a bottle and keep a check on how you drank through the day. It even helps you in cutting those unnecessary cravings that you would have, and helps in saving you a few calories! Yay Yay!
  2. Fruits: Isn’t it very easy to just pick up a meethai dabba and share and serve everyone? Maybe even give it off as a gift. Let’s do something different this Diwali. There are amazing hampers made of dried fruits [walnuts, almonds etc. which are good sources of fats] or no sweetened dried fruits [your normal fruit, which has water removed from it, “Frubites” is one such brand] that come in really handy. Or you could also, gift normal fruit hampers available in such beautiful packages. You have amazing snacks in hand and also save on those evil calories.
  3. Fried Food: Pre-Diwali parties are really something that people look forward to. And so a lot of fried foods and alcohol becomes a part of the celebrations. So planning in advance always comes in handy. Before you go to any celebration of such sort, always eat something from home, so as to save yourself from the unnecessary bingeing at the party.
  4. Go for that walk: This is a great time to wear those walking shoes and head out early in the morning. Start your day with any physical activity that keeps your metabolism up, gives you time to reflect on your previous day’s routine, and what need to be done to fully utilize your present day. It will give you a much needed energy boost to take the day head on.
  5. Eat in smaller plates: Take care of the portion sizes that you have. When your plate size is small, your brain tricks you into believing that, that is your normal eating portion and the second helping that you would take is nothing, just extra!
  6. Don’t skip meals: Eat all your proper meals, your breakfast, lunch, dinner. Do not skip your meals, nor substitute the snacks as your meals. Have only snacks once a day and that too in quite moderation.


Aren’t these 6 small tips very very easy to follow? Even though Diwali calls in for a time of super celebration, compromising on health is a grave risk that one could take in going overboard with the eating and drinking. So, if this is something you can do, something you know that you must, we assure you will have a very Happy and a Healthy and a Safe Diwali.

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