MY weight fluctuates A lot, is there something wrong with my body?

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I am checking my weight every day and my weight is never the same RATHER most of the time the fluctuation is towards north. What’s wrong with my body?

This is one nagging question, asked by our clients every now and then… In fact some one asked it today morning itself and I’m sure it pinches you as well!!

We have been working with weight loss patients for many years now and I have noticed how many people are so obsessed with weighing themselves.  Some do it every day some do it after gyming, and others after every meal….expecting that some lottery of having lost 2 to 3 kilos might have happened since breakfast!!!

Now every time you climb that scale at home, you are setting a situation to feel bad about. Weight can go up and down @ 1 to 2 kilos per day depending upon water retention, humidity and other environmental factors.  So if you do your weighing every day or once in 5 hours please STOP because such a frequent weighing is a very unreliable method to cruise through the road to good health.

If however you need to absolutely weigh yourself: like at NidSun after weight loss session with us, go home and weigh yourself at home after every session or fix any day, same time once a week. By doing this you will be weighing yourself once a week or once in 2 weeks and you will get the real progress of weight loss and you will win that lottery of happiness.

PS:          Even we at NidSun do your weighing, by keeping a gap of at least 1 week so that your progress is tracked properly and if needed some changes to be done for more effective weight loss sessions accordingly, thus you get the real weight loss readings that won’t fluctuate.

Eat Good Live Lite  🙂

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