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Slimmest FACE Forward 

Double chin, chubby cheeks and puffiness : here’s how to shape your face best.

Have you ever wondered what makes the models look so alluring ? Their perfectly sculpted face with high cheek bones and defined jawline and I know we all have contouring palletes in our dressing and we have all see and tired Kim K or Huda contouring but still there’s something about that real scuplted face that even make up can’t match.

What ever your face type be you can enhance your features bt making your face appear leaner and more chiselled.

For chubby cheeks 

Try the fish lips one of the best facial exercise to effectively burn facial fat. Suck in the sides of your mouth so that your lips pucker up like a fish and hold for 5 seconds and feel the stretch.

For double chin

Best home remedy is facial massage and back neck stretch.

But best solution is always to reduce your overall weight so your overall body fat goes down and you look leaner. But if you still have a problem after doing that radio frequency facial at NidSun are a great help in making the face leaner and lifting that double chin without any pain . injections or surgery

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Usually lack of sleep and not drinking enough water can be the reasons are puffiness. Alcohol can also be a very big contributing factor in this case. Drink atleast 3 liters of water and see the difference.

Additionally you can try face and hair contouring techniques to create an illusion of slimmer face. In the end what ever you do , do it with confidence and hold your head up high and be proud of whatever you do.

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