Trishala Ashok – Women Breaking Stereotypes

When you usually think of some woman in her early 20’s you would think she would have completed studies and would have just started working… Right !

Well in our hunt for Empowering women we found this one woman…who is an Award Winning Jewelry Designer, Writer,  Entrepreneur, Fitness Freak and Animal Activist. Meet Trishala Ashok. She’s an animal rescuer and also founder of FITBAKES which by the way make the yummiest bakes for health freaks. And she’s all these amazing things at 25 ..beat that. In my very early conversations with her only I had already become a fan.

We wanted to understand and know her more..So let’s ask her a few questions and know about her more.

We would like to know what made you choose the field you did and why?

I was into jewelery designing. I personally felt that career got a little to monotonous.

It was also restricting me from pursuing my passion i.e; Wildlife Conservation. There was so much pressure on me from everyone not to quit because i went and studied jewelery design abroad for 6 months in a reputed institute and i even won awards for few of my designs. I listened to my heart did what i wanted to do. I quit. And it was the best decision i ever made in my life .I came up with fitbakes last year soon after i quit jewelery. I am a fitness enthusiast with a huge sweet tooth. I started experimenting with healthy desserts for myself and family . They loved my desserts and encouraged me to start fitbakes in Bangalore.

3 years later i finally found a way to run my business and continue my work for wildlife.

Never been happier.

What all challenges did you face in realizing your dreams, who became your backbone in times of a fall ?

The whole transition phase from jewelery designer to becoming a baker was quiet challenging for me.

No one understood why i wanted to quit jewelery. They felt that i was being stupid because i put my heart and soul into it.

My faith and belief in fitbakes was what kept me going.

I became my backbone in the times of fall.

When ever i failed i picked myself up and got back on my feet and asked myself “Okay ! Time for Plan B?”

The challenges i have faced have made me so strong as a person that now whatever obstacle i come across i know i will find my way out and conquer it.


What message would you like to give to other women out there trying to make their own dreams come true ?

Self love. Sometimes obstacles you will face in life can really break your confidence and make you feel like a failure.

The only way you can work your way around it is to love yourself and believe in yourself and learn from it and work harder towards your dream.

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