What does your total body weight consists of and what are the proportions of fat, muscles, connective tissue and bones?

In a fit female, bones make up 12% of the total body weight, muscles about 30 to 35% and fat around 27%.

And In muscular males, bones make up 15% of the total body weight, muscles about 40 to 45% and fat about 15%.

For both the sexes, the reminder of weight is a result of other matter including skin, connective tissues, tendons, Ligaments, blood plasma, organs, hairs and its related glands etc.

Interestingly there is one chemical which contributes up to 70% of your body weight…you guessed it right it’s water H2O. Your muscles are about 75% water, 20% of it is proteins and rest 5% are minerals and other things. Your bones and even that ugly fat is composed of 50% water!!

If a woman is weighing 64 kilos, her bone weight will be roughly around 7.75 kilos. And a man of 77 kilos will have about 11.5 kilos of bones in him.

PS:          people who say that they have broad bones and thicker, denser than average, will therefore, find that the old excuse of HEAVY BONES doesn’t really make sense at all…I mean if your weight increase is due to increases bone mass it won’t be significant. Even a superman and a superwoman with 10% more bone mass then a normal person would account for no more than 8 to 9 kilo increase in body weight and no more.


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