What is Syndrome X and how is it related to weight problem?

syndrome x

Syndrome X is also known as ‘Metabolic Syndrome’ is a cluster of 5 overweight related symptoms that act in combination to increased risk of cardiovascular diseases significantly. They are as follows:

  • Apple shaped obesity( fat around the tummy)
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Impaired glucose tolerance
  • High Blood pressure and
  • Poor blood lipid profile

Person with 2 or more of these above symptoms can be classified as having ‘Syndrome X’.

So you see apple shape (surplus weight stored mainly around abdomen also known as central fat deposition) is directly linked to problems such as coronary heart disease, diabetes and host of other medical problems.

This shape is predominantly present in males, but women are becoming much more prone to the apple shape especially after menopause it’s really common. This is because female hormones are much reduced at this time, so the shape tends to become more male like.

One major factor responsible for male type of obesity is stress (high levels of cortisol in the body) released when in stress and encourages central fat distribution. A diet high in Trans fats, in alcohol and sugars along with less exercise may be a cause of apple shape obesity.

If you are diagnosed with metabolic syndrome X, the goal of treatment will be to reduce your risk of developing further health complications. Team NidSun will recommend lifestyle changes that may include losing arond 10 percent of your current weight with lifestyle changes coustum made for you and your body.


Your GP may also suggest that you quit smoking. He may prescribe medications to reduce your blood pressure, cholesterol, and/or blood sugar. He or she also may prescribe low-dose aspirin to help reduce your risk of stroke and heart attack.


Metabolic syndrome

as the underlying factor and named the constellation of abnormalities syndrome X. Reaven did not include abdominal obesity, which has also been hypothesized

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