Do We recommend Sauna Belt, salon wrap, tummy tuck or similar treatments to lose weight?

sauna belt

Oh… So Classic Question asked by every third person who comes for counselling with us. And here is Your answer

What you get with sauna belt or salon wrap is temporary inch loss from the wrapped or belted areas. You will no doubt be measured at several strategic points before you are wrapped and again afterwards, and the slimming salon will add up the small losses and tell you that you have lost X number of inches altogether. This will sound more impressive than it actually is. However you will notice that abdomen and waist areas reduce the most for few hours to 1 day and this might be useful if you are planning to wear special tighter dress, for instance.

Normally after one round of evening eating and drinking, most of the benefits of wrap and sauna belt will disappear because it’s only a temporary solution, as what has disappeared is fluid but not fat. No wrap, sauna belt, steam or body sauna in this world can get rid of your fat for you: you need a specialized treatments like Ultrasound, Radiofrequency, laser or Cryolipolysis to reduce actual FAT in the target areas or may be some energy deficit diet and exercise, if you want over all weight loss.

Eat Good Live Lite and Feel Great  🙂

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