Ordinary Indian girl with Abs

My 1000th post on Instagram 🙏🙏 I have to thank all of you for constantly supporting me through this journey 💋💋 Today I sat down thinking, why i was actually doing all this 🙆🙆 I have been #training in the #gym for over 14 years now.


My core work is of a food scientist and off course non-surgical body shaping. There are so many sucessful people in my field who are not that fit , okish fit or even unfit 🙆 they also sell people go to them pay huge amount of money to them to get diet plans and shaping procedures. So technically i really dont make more money by having a good body🙅🙅 and as an #athlete I dont compete on stage or take any performance enhancing drugs or even eat fancy foods.

Then why do I slog in the gym like crazy 👻👻 watch what I eat all the time and always ( never really going in and out of season) . why ?

😊😊 I guess because somewhere I wanna prove and give hope to all the beautiful women out there who struggle with #bodyimage , weight issues and constant pressure to look a certain way by everyone 💁💁 that it’s possible.


➡If you can #discipline yourself a little

➡ have someone to guide you right

➡ and you can set some goals for yourself and smash them.

You can do anything 🙌🙌

So, here i am just another #punjabi girl who loves to eat #indian food , loves to cook her meals, dances around like a fool 💃💃 keeps smiling and spreading my giggles. I am not a pro #womenbodybulider ,or a #bikiniathlete i might be a #dietdoctor though. But i am just a 30 something ordinary girl whol eats rice , roti and dal everyday can acheive that ☝ body just for herself and her goals. And I am here to prove 😎😎 if i can anyone can 💋💋💋 thousands more to go 🙏🙏 love you all.

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