Do you skip Breakfast or Gulp A Glass of Milk / Juice for Breakfast?… If Yes then we recommend reading this!


This may be adding to your Weight Gain

All would have heard the cliché  “Eat Breakfast like a King & Dinner like a beggar”. We all know the good things, don’t we ? But a problem starts at implementation stage.

I have seen a lot of my patients having practical issues like “no time to cook”, “feel sleepy after meals”, “rush to office”..etc..etc creeping in but We make it a point that you start this great habit of having a proper breakfast, take it as first step to good health at the starting of the DAY….

To make things interesting you should concentrate on Breakfast in case you want to lose weight! Sounds Interesting doesn’t it! Here are some real facts to support these statements.


  • your digestive system is super active between 7 am to 10 am in morning and if you feed yourself with a proper food at this magic time, the metabolic rate of your body increases by up to 10% thus aiding in weight loss …and look at all of us what we do, this time we all just feed our stomachs with is Chai, Coffee, Juice, or nothing at all.
  • All these quick meals we have are simple carbs which don’t increase our metabolism rather our blood glucose level goes up and down with these foods and make us hungry all the time especially in the evening when we all hog on to anything and everything at home simultaneously watching TV. How we know it, that’s what’s happening in all of our homes.
  • Your stomach is empty in the morning and full of acids after overnight fast, so you should avoid having Juice as breakfast as it’s acidic which will aggravate your acidity problems. You seriously need something solid this time of the day.


So next time you have that quickly in the morning, think again. You might be adding to your weight problem by quick liquid breakfast which will break your weight loss plans!!!@**

Ideally you breakfast should have a healthy mix of Carbs, Proteins & Fats (Essential Fats OffCourse!).

So, if you want to opt for a Healthy Breakfast stick to Indian versions for proper Nutrition like Daliya, Idlis , Paranthas with less oil etc. For our friends from West they should stick to home made yeast free whole wheat breads along with whole eggs so that you don’t crave for food late in the evening and then feel guilty about that..


Stay Healthy, Stay Happy and Stay Blessed  🙂



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