Does your body Says “I Need Sugar Now!” but your tummy is still full from Brunch of SUNDAY?

yummy yama lokaDo biscuits and Rusks start calling your name by 3 to 5 PM despite of having a satisfying Brunch or lunch, you can tell its carving and not a real hunger. Here are some tips from NidSun experts that will help you curb those hunger (craving) pangs and feel fuller for long- naturally:

  • Say NO to refined carbohydrates: Carbohydrates such as white bread, pasta, sweets, rusks and biscuits of all varieties, are high in glycaemic index and release their sugar very quickly into your system, giving a short term energy fix. This is the reason they leave you hungry again in no time. Opt for fibre rich carbohydrates like whole grains to keep full for longer.
  • Eat More Whole Foods:                 high fibre foods keep you feeling full for longer after your meal. Foods such as brown rice, whole wheat, barley and oats have soluble fibre, which acts like a sponge and soak up moisture in the stomach. The fibre swell up making you feel full and also helps release sugar slowly to prevent energy dips. You can try some high fibre fruits like apple or nuts and seeds, beans even broccoli.
  • Eat good amount of proteins; If you are experiencing 5 PM sugar dip quite often, try eating more of proteins at lunch. By eating more proteins for lunch will help release of sugar from carbohydrates at a much slower speed as compared to only carbohydrate intake. Make sure that you have at-least 30% of the total food quantity as proteins such as chickpeas, chicken, eggs, fish and cheese.
  • Keep Yourself Hydrated: Research shows that brain recognises hunger and thirst as similar sensations. Before you pick up that food item, consider whether you are thirst rather than hungry. When you have a pang, drink a glass or 2 of water and wait for 20 minutes to see if you still feel hungry. NidSun experts suggest you to take a glass of water before starting your meals so that you don’t over eat because of the same reason.
  • Break those bad habits: Are you really really hungry?                                                                        When you are tired, stressed, bored or sad, you often feel the need to eat..Isn’t it!  This type of craving is not physical. So what can you do about it?       When you feel low on energy or feel light headed, you tend to crave something to satisfy the need quickly, such as biscuits and chocolates. A fruit smoothie, nuts or apple will fill the void in exactly the same way, but will keep you full for longer. Try to eat 5 to 6 meals in a day ( 3 main meals and at least 2 snack meals). Your blood sugar will remain stable and you won’t have hunger pangs!
  • Put on your dancing shoes: Exercise of any kind can help prevent cravings and curbs your appetite. Aerobic exercise such as walking, dancing, swimming or jogging has shown to trigger the release of appetite suppressant hormone peptide YY. Exercise also controls blood sugar and bodies’ insulin response.

Now follow these tips for a week or so and if still, you feel like having sweets, come to sweet people at NidSun and we will help you professionally getting rid of that unnecessary Hunger and bring you body back in shape.

Eat Good     Live Lite     and       Feel great 🙂

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