Do you want to Live 7 More Years Then you Would Live? …Then Lose Weight!!!


Warning: This Blog May Change Your Life forever…Read at your own Risk

If you Lose weight then your chances of diseases like cancer, heart diseases, diabetic complications and all weight related problems are delayed by a minimum 7 years. I think it’s a small price to pay if you consider the benefits of living 7 extra healthy years of life on planet earth.

Consider this before you plan to lose Weight:

  • You will be able to spend 7 years of extra quality time with your loved ones as compared to an overweight person because despite of all the medical advancements, Doctors and Scientists cannot give your life back once it’s Gone.
  • You will see 7 more years of Christmas, Diwali, EId, New Years, Gurupurab and Birthdays and enjoy with your friends and family.
  • What if I tell you that you will have 7 extra years of pain free active life which you can spend seeing the world, making new friends, experience new experiences and live life to the fullest.
  • What if you wanted to live 7 years more when it was the last day of your life… because you had so much more to do in your life and you wanted your children and grand children grow and prosper in front of your eyes…all this is possible by just LOSING WEIGHT!
  • What if I tell you that if you invest your precious time and hard earned money in losing weight now at NidSun (or any good weight loss Clinic)….. you won’t have to spend your lifetime savings and valuable time of your whole family later in your life if your later years were in a Hospital because of being overweight.
  • What if I tell you that if you lose weight you are likely to visit hospitals 7 to 15 years later as compared to those people who are overweight?

Did You Know that:         A person with tummy fat have 40% more chances of hardening of arteries, angina and Heart attack then the people with slim waist? Even if you have none of the health problems related to weight, being overweight is an independent risk factor for premature death and cardiovascular Disease. And this has been proven by number of medical studies over last 20 years.

PS:  A Wise Man Who was suffering from Disease Once Said   “If I knew I would Live That long, I Would Have Taken Better Care Of my Body.”

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