Recovering for Chikungunya ? Things you need to know


Chikungunya is an infection caused by the chikungunya virus. Symptoms include the sudden onset of fever two to four days after exposure. The fever usually
So, we all know more than half of Delhi NCR households have someone or the other suffering for Chikungunya or Dengue fever. I have loads of Clients coming and asking me the recovery process and how they can quickly get back to their normal lives and most importantly start working out.



To tackle #Chikungunya always keep mosquitoes away. Make sure there is no still water and your surroundings are cle…
Pain Management : First things first , to be honest with you depending on how bad your infection was your pains can last from a couple of weeks , to months and even years. So, you’ll have to be strong in your mind to fight it out. Also, always be in touch with your physician (GP) for any medication they recommend for pain management. Don’t self medicate even if your fever is gone, pain management would be a long process and take help from your GP
Hydrate : I cant emphasize enough, more is less in this case. Make sure you drink enough of liquids drink like 300 liters of water a day if possible ( Ok ! I exaggerated ) but still.drink all forms of liquids like lemonade , coconut water , juice , vegetable smoothies, infused water etc etc.
Building Immunity: Make sure you keep your immunity high by increasing the intake of vitamins and minerals on the higher side. Citrus fruits, milk, buttermilk, green leafy vegetables, fresh soups and juices should in included in diet as much as possible.
Diuretics / Nicotine / Caffeine : All these would make your recovery slower , so it’s best to give up smoking, coffee and strong tea if you wish to get back faster. Mild green tea is ok, but don’t go for strong teas
Inflammatory Foods: with all your joints paining already, remove all inflammatory foods from your diet like sugar, white refined floor, processed food etc.
Mild Conditioning and Core:  Once you do feel fit enough to come back to workout, start with mild light impact conditioning in the first week with some core workout. Add breathing exercise and yoga to improve joint mobility. If pain persists on specific joints please consult your physiotherapist for strengthening exercise.
I hope these help in your recovery and remember it’s best to prevent disease so stay safe for these deadly mosquitoes and Stay Safe and Healthy
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