Greek Yoghurt v/s Normal Yoghurt

Yoghurt has always been a big part of Indian cooking as well as has created a niche for itself in other cuisines. This has helped lend every culture a distinct flavor and texture which makes it different and unique.

Yoghurt is known be a probiotic and hence a powerhouse of a lot of nutrients. Since yoghurt comes from milk, one can easily say that whatever nutrients are found in milk, would surely be found in yoghurt as well, so this includes protein, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and essential B-Vitamins [hence we ask you to avoid supplements, eat protein from natural foods] .Since this is also a probiotic, it keeps the gut happy and improves digestion. Most lactose intolerant people can get all the nutrients present in milk from yoghurt easily.

While yoghurt remains almost the same everywhere, people have come up with a newer category of yoghurt, called the Greek Yoghurt. The procedure to make it remains the same, difference is only in the last stage, where normal yoghurt is strained of all its water and thicker yoghurt is left behind.

Let’s now see what do normal yoghurt and Greek yoghurt present us with!

  1. Protein: Since Greek yoghurt is a concentrated form of yoghurt, it contains almost 2 times the protein contained in normal yoghurt.  Clearly a win win!
  2. Carbohydrates: Since maximum amount of carbohydrates are present in whey water, normal yoghurt contains more of it that the Greek yoghurt. So weight watchers and diabetics might like to go in for Greek yoghurt.
  3. Fat: This amount of fat contained in any yoghurt depends on the type of milk used to make it. Even if a low fat milk source is used, Greek yoghurt will have approx.3 times the saturated fat contained in normal yoghurt.
  4. Sodium: Maximum amount of sodium is contained in whey water that is strained in the process of making Greek yoghurt. Normal yoghurt definitely has higher amount of sodium that the Greek yoghurt.

Also Greek yoghurt has a better texture, since all water is strained. This is an excellent and a low fat alternative to sour creams, mayonnaise, cream cheese it fits perfectly in all such dishes. Even though Greek yoghurt is low in carbohydrates, the moment you add any other additive like sugar or any other flavouring, it’s carb content increases dramatically. So one needs to watch what all and how are they consuming Greek yoghurt that benefits them the way it should.

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