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Let’s talk about Cooking Oil – Fortune Vivo Oil

So, I have been getting a lot of questions on Cooking Oil. Which one to use? How much to use?  So, here’s my point of view on oils.



As I always say, it’s good to choose foods which are local to us. It’s best you source oil which is made from local ingredients. Lately, the whole world is switching to imported oils. But unfortunately, these oils are not so suitable for Indian cooking since our foods are smoked at much higher temperatures and these oils are not meant for such cooking. A great Indian alternative is Fortune Vivo oil.

About the Oil

Fortune Vivo is a healthy cooking oil that combines the best of both worlds. It’s not only perfect for Indian cooking but is ideally suited for people suffering from diabetes. Fortune Vivo oil contains several vital ingredients such as Gamma Oryzanol and Sesame lignans. Because of its intelligent combination of fatty acids and antioxidants, this oil also comes with many hidden benefits. Benefits of the same are researched and published in Medical Journals*.


Fortune Vivo oil is rich in nutrients such as sesamin, oryzanol, tocopherols and MUFA fatty acids. It is clinically proven to help optimize the insulin sensitivity of the body which helps in managing high blood sugar levels. Fortune Vivo Oil also helps in normalising high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

As type-2 diabetes is a lifestyle complication, the entire family can be at risk due to unhealthy eating habits and an overall unhealthy lifestyle. Family members not yet diagnosed with diabetes may actually be pre-diabetic (who may develop diabetes in a few years). Such family members will be able to lower the risk of developing diabetes with the use of a healthier cooking oil such as Fortune Vivo. A healthier family and lifestyle care oil will benefit the entire family along with the diabetic members.

Also, Fortune Vivo oil has a healthy balance of fatty acids. It has a high smoking temperature and is very stable, making it the right choice for all types of cooking and frying. What’s more? It flawlessly blends with all types of cuisines and makes food tasty.

All these benefits make Fortune Vivo a perfect fit for cooking for the entire family.


When it comes to how much oil to consume, we know that lesser the better. But, sometimes Indian dishes need to be cooked in oil or fired. As a thumb rule, use as minimum oil as possible. If you are trying to cut down on calories, then you can replace traditional frying with air frying where you just coat the dish with oil and air fry it. Personally, the Punjabi in me needs some Parathas every now and so, I shallow fry them in this oil. After all it’s good to balance life with a little bit of control and a little bit of indulgence here and there.

Eat Healthy, Stay Happy!

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