If you want a Baby SOON… Avoid These 3 Things!


Bringing a new life on planet earth is the most divine work for a couple and health of a woman along with ideal weight is of cause important. One of our weight loss patients who had come to us because she wanted get fit before she could prepare herself for BABY,  Happily lost 7 kilo- and 5’’ from her waist line, with help of NidSun, a month back, and today she came with flowers after successfully conceiving. Every month we get 4 to 6 patients who lose weight and want to become healthy before they conceive. And our suggestion to “want-to be” parents is to BAN 3 things from their life at least for some time to boost their chances of conceiving

And the 3 things are:

  • Alcohol
  • Coffee &
  • Cigarette

Question is why specifically these 3?

Answer:               In case you didn’t know, drinking any kind of alcohol (wine, Gin, Vodka etc) can send your fertility possibility to HALF! Even with smallest quantities of alcohol and the more you drink, less likely you are to conceive.        Even in males too much of alcohol reduces testosterone levels in blood also affecting sperm quality and quantity drastically, needless to say weight gain come free as well.

Even caffeine if taken more than 200mg/day (1 mug of strong coffee has around 100mg caffeine) disrupts fertility hormones and has a bad effect on muscles of Fallopian tubes which are responsible for carrying eggs to your womb. Research also show that more than 200 mg/day consumption of caffeine increases your risk of miscarriage as well!!

Smoking anyways reduces your lung capacity and toxins from smoke will anyways stunt the growth of you baby even if you conceive successfully so you need to quit smoking before you try for a Baby.


Eat Good  AND  Live life to the fullest 🙂



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