Is it true that Pear shape is the hardest shape of all to change?


Women have more body fat than men, but in contrast to the deleterious metabolic consequences of the central obesity typical of men, the pear-shaped body fat …

This is a typical female shape, because the oestrogen hormone present in highest quantities in females predisposes to put down fat in the hips, thighs and bottom area. This fat seems to be the hardest of all the body fats, to mobilise when we diet or/ and exercise.  It’s thought that this kind of FAT distribution evolved so that women had plenty of energy stores to cope up with pregnancy and breast feeding in times of famine.

In today’s world, however, we rarely get famines, rather we have only feasts!!…Every day is party day.

In both men and women, studies have concluded that fat comes off the body from top downwards, so this discouraging aspect for a pear can also make it seem as if the fat never moves off the hips and thighs.

Hence, in essence pear shape is hardest to change. Now as you know not all females are pear shaped and, indeed, some men are pear shaped- but if you are, you are basically stuck with it. Even if you manage to lose weight, you will be slim down pear shaped, as your top half will be slimmed down to.  It’s not possible to find any diet or exercise plan that can get rid of fat just from the lower body.

PS:                          You may however try our weight loss therapies like Cryolipolysis or laser correction sessions which have been proved to be extremely effective in spot fat reduction from thighs and Hips without surgery, there are 1000s of successful figure corrections in our archive and they are just growing as more and more people benefit from our therapies. We have been using Ultrasound and radio frequency based therapies since last 8 years with extremely satisfying results in changing pear shape structure to a more proportionate awesome looks and our clients are loving it!!

So YES pear shape is hardest shape of all to change but at NidSun melting of pear fat is as simple as apple shape fat.

Eat Good Look Good Live Lite  🙂

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