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Is your Salad really Healthy??

They are an integral part of our food eating habits or more over what we would like to think!  These fill up our stomach quickly and give us the much needed fiber which helps in keeping our skin and the bowel system clean.

So earlier what defined a salad was nicely cut tomatoes, carrots, or onions or radish or any other seasonal vegetable which could be eaten in raw form or even fruit! Sadly, the definition of a salad has changed dramatically over the past few years. With the food revolution happening and everyone turning towards the healthy eating façade, salad was the first to be literally revolutionized! As a result, we have higher options in a salad, rather that the real food itself.

So what really destroys a salad?

  1. Those amazingly yummy dressings! Yes you heard it right! A salad that creamy can only be possible if it has a good amount of butter, cream or maybe even mayonnaise. These high calorie dressings ruin the actual purpose of a salad and in turn have a negative effect on us. So, do not fall into that trap where you waltz into a restaurant and order a “salad” for yourself and be happy about making healthy choices! Because it clearly isn’t!


What can be done– If eating out has to be done, plan it as your cheat meal or as your guilty meal, but don’t go totally overboard it. Ask the place you are eating at, how the salad was made and what its components are.


  1. The duration for which it’s cut and kept also makes a lot of difference! Salads just like juice need to be consumed immediately [not that we endorse juices, but you get the point!]. if it has been cut and kept for a long time, and you are then consuming it, it’s just being done for the sake of filling your stomach, there isn’t any nutritional value left in it.

What can be done– If you’re at home, consuming a freshly cut salad shouldn’t be a problem. It can be consumed immediately. Outside, you can always ask for freshly prepared salads or ditch it altogether.

So these are the two major things that can be avoided if you really want your salad to perform the function it was supposed to! If you are bored of your normal salad, you can add some low fat dressings that can be made at home like lemon vinegar, lemon, ½ tsp of olive oil with some pepper mixed or also hung curd dressings, which would give the desired creamy texture and a lovely taste to it!

Say Hola to the Actual Healthy Eating!!!

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