Cryolipolysis : The Secret to Celebrity Figure


In very simple terms cryolipolysis is a simple fat freezing procedure. This works on your stubborn fat pockets. Now, generally we recommend this procedure for those people who cannot lose from a particular area even after doing proper exercise and proper diet plans.

Many people think that it’s a wasteful procedure and nothing ever comes out of it. We are pretty sure this thought comes if the previous experience/experiences have been bad, but we have till date 100% success rate all thanks to a team of amazing professionals who give it their all to ensure that the person gets what they came in for. Of course, the fact that the person enters our clinic trusting us to give the best sets the tone of the treatment that is yet to follow.

So on a daily basis, we are asked a lot of questions like what is it that we really do that helps the person attending the session achieve their results? What does really happen in our body while it goes through the process of cryolipolysis? Or even, does it leave a scar on the body? Or what to do after the procedure is done..? And a lot more!!

Our motto is to provide the best therapies in the best way that gives 100% results. So what really happens in Cryolipolysis is that a mechanism of controlled cooling is used on a specific body part leading to localized fat reduction. The machines that we use, have been customized according to the Indian skin type and specifications which won’t be found in other places and it hence prevents the skin from getting excessively red. There would still be some amount of redness though, due to the vaccum effect on the skin which eventually subsides.

We have a team of trained professionals who do the procedure seriously and ensure that no scars occur on the body, except some redness which subsides in a while. You get to see the results within 45-90 days from the day of procedure, but you need to take care of the diet and eat as per our nutritionist’s recommendation to get the benefit of a permanent fat reduction!

Cryolipolysis is a great technology that has made it easier for us to shape and sculpt the body as per our liking! It is really, the secret to the famed “Celebrity Figure” !!

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