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Secrets to Katrina’s Hot Body in Kala Charshma

Katrina’s figure in the latest song seems to be creating a lot of roar in the Indian and international public. So, how exactly did she do it ?


Here are some things she has been doing along with some of our speculation and guidance on how you can achieve it easily.


Katrina is very, very good with her food. She has an expert team handling and guiding her on nutrition. She has a balanced and a guided diet, which not only helps to lose weight but also improves skin and hair as in their professional looking good is not all about looking thin.

Her breakfast is healthy oat cake in the morning followed by lunch which is fish and vegetables (which means protein and complex carbs). Her snacks include fruits, nuts, proteins and dark chocolate and her dinner is usually egg whites. Off course this is just a jest of the real thing. And this diet is made for her daily according to her activity level and sleep pattern.

We would highly recommend you don’t follow any diets off self help books and free apps. Please go to an expert who understands your needs and would not only make you lose weight but help you become healthy and beautiful.


Her mantra has been a mix of all the best things in the world. Katrina is a big fan of Yoga. She does yoga for her mental peace and of course for her lean and sexy figure. Katrina daily runs for some time for warming – up. She has gone many times on record and talked about her cardio based workout like swimming, cycling and she also trains in the gym along with Pilates. We also believe that you should keep changing your workouts and keep trying out new things in order to keep your motivation at peek and to keep all the different muscles in motion

Things no one talks about

Off course celebrities have a lot of other help in terms to best doctors. Now, we know what you are thinking all celebs go under the knife. Well not really necessarily, these days you have amazing options like Fat freezing and ultrasound treatments to fix those hard to lose stubborn fat problem areas like stomach has always been for Kartina with any surgery cuts & downtime.


So, don’t hesitate and pay a visit to your nearest body transformation clinics such as NidSun and you never know you could be looking hotter than Katrina jamming to “Kala Chashma” in the next wedding.

Remember to always work hard and always always eat good !

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