I gain Weight with anything I EAT, is it because of my Faulty Genes?

NidSun genes

If the genes are faulty it would be the same with all of us because from generation to generation, it’s hard for us to escape the genetic patterns that are handed down through the ages.

Having said that we would like to add that there are some genetic mutations and deficiencies that may lead to obesity, but these problems are only with few people.  And for majority of us we still can’t escape the genetic pattern that has been handed over to us over millions of years.

Why are we all gaining Weight?

The weight gain that’s happening to most of us is because we still have old genes and a new eating environment. Call it unfortunate but the genetic makeup that suited us so well for survival in prehistoric times is very unhelpful today in our modern environment. 100 years back eating fatty, salty or sweet food was considered to be a super luxury but now we have access to this food 24X7, if we want it.

If we do eat excess of proteins, carbohydrates or fats, our old genes make sure that we store each extra calorie as fat and our body does this in a very efficient way. And to adapt to new environment our genes will take few thousand years to adapt to food changes that have happened in last 50 years so we are paying the price.

In the modern world we don’t have to do either farming or hunting and gathering to get our food, all we have to do is to drive to  the supermarket or in some cases pick up the cell phone and call  or  even simpler log on to internet and food is delivered at home in no time without effort.

So you don’t put on weight because you are lazy, sinful or greedy, on the contrary gaining weight is the natural response of your body to a life rich in sea of foods.

We are sure if our ancestors had a choice between hunting for food or going to the supermarket to buy it, which one do you think they would have chosen?!…LOL…you know the answer don’t you

PS:                          So genes are faulty with all of us with few exceptions here and there. And for the rest of us we need expert advice and may be some new technology such as ultrasound, cryolipolysis radio frequency or laser to lose weight and stay in optimal weight and waist line to live a healthy life despite of horrible genes.


Eat Good     Live Lite   &   happy 🙂

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