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  • Body Shaping Services: Forget that age-old obsolete system of messaging, vibrations, electrical pads. We know, that stuff doesn’t work and you end up wasting hours in clinics with no results and almost 100% bounce back.
    • Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) the latest buzz in the medical field which has replaced the painful liposuction surgery, very effective and safest alternative to plastic surgery for those with already good lifestyle looking to reduce a fat pocket.
    • Cavitation now in news for 8 years this technology provides effective weight and inch loss for obese and overweight patients and at the same time blasting off Fat cells on treatment areas.
    • Radio-Frequency: Body and facial lifts to get a firmer and a tighter skin.
    • Laser Lipolysis :  Safe, non-contact laser for fat loss on specific areas.
  • Best Online Diet and Workout Plans: With Indian, Desi Meals no need to starve eat full meals and lose weight.
    •  You can choose from #DesiMuscles Transformation plan which includes Diet and Exercise
    • Diet Programs made with step by step progression
    • Workout Plan Subscription changed Fortnightly

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