BURNING Question.. I am Gyming for last 1 year but I am Gaining Weight. What should I do?

exercise not for weight loss

Today, one of our newly joined weight loss patient had asked me this question because she gained 4.5 kgs of weight in last 1 year. She blames it on gyming and told me “I haven’t seen any change in my body rather I feel bigger and I haven’t lost a single inch around tummy.”

My recommendation to her was to monitor her fat percentage and take it as main criteria of improvement because muscles are more dense than fat and they takes up less space thus contributing to weight gain. In a situation where you are gaining weight doing workout, you should rule out the following before blaming workout for your increased weight. The reasons can be:

  • First thing’s first: notice, how your clothes fit. If you weigh is more as compared to earlier but clothes are bit loose, you’re on the right track….For my patient clothes were also getting tight!! So she had some other reason


  • Notice, if you have lost inches around your problem area in time interval of at least 1 month…Don’t hurry and don’t expect weekly inch loss, like you get with our therapies. It will take time and you have to be super patient to get some results with exercise. In case of my patient there was no apparent change in body parameters and obviously she was frustrated but I told her to be consistent with her workouts and come for therapy sessions for problem areas so that she starts losing inches and make her efforts fruitful.


  • Another thing to keep in mind is your food intake. I have seen few of my friends increasing their food intake and starting protein supplements suggested by someone thinking that they will burn extra calories at gym and what happens is that they end up eating more than required, resulting weight gain as their energy balance tips towards positive side.


  • People with chronic metabolic problems like Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome, chronic inflammations, drug therapies (anti-psychotic drugs, antibiotics, anti-diabetic, pain killers) can be highly resistant to workouts. So weight loss with exercise is negligible compared to normal healthy person. Such a person may require expert guidance and some extra push with some therapies like ultrasound, cryolipolysis, radio-frequencies, laser lipolysis counselings sessions and some diet modification to get best results and lose weight faster.


Your Body Never lies…So if you are not getting any benefit from exercise, you need some change and you need some professional help at that…Find some Doctor near you who can help you lose weight or come to us because your friendly Team NidSun, with right counselings, right treatments and right time can bring miracle in your life.…

Keep Sparking Eat Good Live Good… 🙂



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