Our Body Cries with Stress and Anxiety When WE Lie!!


Is it worth it for our physical and mental health?

Every Week , the average woman tells 9 lies about food and drinks she has had in that week. Ladies this was a study done by sports brand Timex.

Study revealed that most of the lies were something like   “I only had one glass”  or  “I never eat fast food”.  Lying requires a lot of effort. When you tell the truth, you simply remember what happens. When you lie you have to consider what you’re trying to hide, figure out a believable version of the opposite, give a convincing performance to sell that lie, and then remember it for the rest of eternity so you never get caught with what you ate. Even if you’re pretending to love your healthy diet, that’s a lot of pressure. Furthermore, it builds and builds every time you lie.

And coming back to the study… Do you know what food stuffs were so tempting worth lied for?…. You guessed it right     Chocolate based stuff and Chips.

PS:          lying about your food habits to friends, family and Your weight loss experts at NidSun may seem to be harmless in short term, but shifting excess weight will be harder in long run if you stay in Denial. Try talking to your experts so that they can help you keep on track of what you eat for best results. We want your happiness to last forever, not for a moment!!…. So help us in helping you .


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