Another Hot HOT Question that we are bombarded with is… For Weight Control What’s the best Exercise ‘slow & long session’ or short and fast paced’HIT (High Intensity training)?

nidsun exercise

Here is our Cool energy rich Answer ….For burning calories during exercise we have 2 variables that can determine how many calories we burned in that session. Those 2 things are:

  1. total time spent on exercise (going for a walk or swimming) And
  2. Intensity with which we are doing that exercise (eg. Going up the hill walking or breast stroke in swimming)

Scientists believe that ‘short and fast’ exercise may be best to improve fitness rather than reducing fat. The latest research seems to show that for weight loss it’s still the amount of time you exercise that’s most important even if the total amount of calories spent by 2 type of exercises is the same. So if you are playing squash for 10 minutes or you go for walk for 18 minutes, the calories consumed by your body will roughly be the same i.e. around 90 to 100 calories. Though both exercises burn same amount of calories, walking will still be considered more apt to lose weight as compared to squash which will improve fitness.

However if your time is limited, high calorie burning exercises will suit you better as long as you are fit to cope with them along with awesome treatments like cryolipolysis, ultrasound, laser and radio-frequency lipolysis for problem areas.

When your time is limited which is the case of today’s world, then short busts of exercises will be more manageable and will fit in your life better then long sessions. Therefore you will stick to it. So its all up to you and do what fits in best with your life to lose weight.

Eat Good Live Lite.   🙂

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