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Hi my beautiful friends so  here I am again talking on the topic of protein because I have been bombarded with questions on instagram so I am going to try answer as much as possible.

And I am going to be answering lot of these questions from our book. I don’t know if you already know about it but this book was written by my brother and has lots of tips from me as well.


Having said that let me clarify certain things that you need to define very clearly before you even get on to the topic of proteins and the first thing is to define your goals very -very specifically whether

  • you want to lose weight
  • whether it is you are trying to gain muscle mass
  • whether you are trying to lean up, that goal has to very-very specifically defined before you go and talk about any protein supplementation.

  Let’s talk about 1st category which is the most or I say 90% of gym goers i.e. do I lose weight?

I am going to categories people into their eating patterns and then define why or why not they don’t need or do need protein supplementation.

  • Non-vegetarian food for the most part has all essential amino acid. So, if you are non-vegetarian and trying to lose weight, my recommendation is you don’t absolutely need an extra protein supplement because your non- vegetarian diet is completely enough proteins to lose weight in a healthy way. Even if you are gaining muscle, I think for the most part you can avoid it.
  • Next is the vegetarians which have milk, so the lacto –vegetarians and lacto-ovo-vegetarians which means milk & egg  again this category of people don’t really need to go on any supplementation for protein because their diet will have all the protein with all the essential amino acids, they need.
  • Vegans : The only group of people who could possibly need to work on little harder on their protein intake, is the vegan group but for them also if you are trying to lose weight, for the most part, if you are increased the amount of proteins in your diet through pulses, you can actually substitute most of the proteins and just it to be careful about having more grains, pulse along with nuts, technically you will not also need protein supplement.
  • protein powder


A Myth is there with gym goers that, your muscle mass is not going to increase if you don’t have protein and muscle mass is going to be increase if you have protein. Well if that was a case, 100 g of protein extra every single day and every gym goers is looking like superman or superwomen but we know that doesn’t happen, one has to understand that even if you workout, whatever access of protein you are consuming is going to be used up as energy and would eventually get stored as fat plus along with that you will be putting extra pressure on kidney, liver, on your system.

The main reason why most gym goers don’t lose weight is that they get lot of extra protein from their whey protein powders and thinking that it gonna give them and its gonna be good for the energy level and its gonna repair their muscles but to be honest with you, protein supplements develop for athletes and for anyone who workout between 4-7 hrs a day which professional athlete do. They need protein supplements; they need branched chain amino acid because of pressure. So if you working out say 1 or 2 hrs everybody 99% of time you are not somebody actual candidate for going on protein supplementation and if you are trying to lose weight I am not saying cut down on protein but you are already have from your diet, don’t even do that but you don’t need to go on and buy box of protein powder and use it as supplements that’s not really going to add to your weight loss program.

Bodybuilding supplement

protein is low in the amino acid lysine, it is often combined with pea protein powder to achieve a superior amino acid profile. Pea protein is a hypoallergenic

Vegan Options

As discussed that #vegans are the only people who can actually need need protein and unfortunately these are people who don’t have any options to chose from any protein supplements , life is funny that way . But after carefully searching I found one blend vegan person can use by @univedsports .You all know how anti #supplements i am and for the most part i would recommend not to use any supplements but poor vegan who are feeling deficient now have an option. 👯wp-image-1859679867jpg.jpg

This also tastes amazing but unlike it’s milk based counterparts this one doesn’t mix very well so you do need a blender for a min. My recommendation is blend with some banana in it 🍌 it would taste better.


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