I burn almost 1000 calories in the gym; even then I don’t lose weight?


Hay friends first of all let me tell you this important thing that, you won’t find anywhere on net or in your books!!……because it’s our experience with more than 4500 weight loss patients and 7 years in this field!!………….Our experiments here at NidSun, have indicated that the machines you use in the gyms are calibrated to American standards. What I mean to say is that 90% aerobic equipment like treadmills, stationary cycling, cross trainers, rowing machines etc. that you use at homes or in the gym,Have calorie calculator according to American standers of muscle mass for the height and weight you feed in them.

We will give you a simple example to make you understand. Out of more than 4400 patients of Indian origin, 68% of our female overweight patients have BMI (Basal Metabolic Rate) in the range of 1200 to 1400 and in Indian males it’s on average 1500 to 1800. On the other hand if you see the data of our 12 American patients, 9 being females and 3 males, BMI were 2200 in females and I am taking about average height of 5’3’’ and almost same weight as Indians. And solo American obese male whose BMI was 2758 and he was 6 feet tall 120kgs…………for your reference, a similar weight Indian with height 6’  and similar weight who come to me have BMI of average around 1900 to 2100 no more.

According to our experience and calculations the machines should be calibrated @ 2/3 of the readings shown on the screen, Just take aSmall Example … if reading on the screen shows 1000 cals burned, you have actually burned no more than 700cals if you are an Indian………………..…having 1/3 less muscle mass which is the main active tissue in humans……….……..Blame it on your genes,  Americans of same weight and height have 1/3 more muscles than Indian at least that’s what our data at NidSun suggests. Unfortunately there are no studies In India on this subject, as weight loss experts are only a hand full in our country!!  And we have only 3 patients from Europe……………hope we will get some more patients from European origin as the people who took therapies were really satisfied with our therapies…..

Are you confused: you are ought to be confused because this is a new thing that we have observed!!

In a very simple language if an American and Indian, have 2 glasses of wine or vodka/day, Indian will be piling on weight @ 2 kgs every month or staggering 24 kgs while American would be maintaining the weight in 1 year, no wonder obesity is exploding in India!!!!……………… And please my friends burning extra calories won’t compensate your sinful eating.     Even I am in the same boat as you are…………..   I had a samosa yesterday and did some extra workout of 400 calories to burn it, that my friends was equivalent to 45 minutes extra  jogging…………ohhh my joints are still aching ………………………….1 samosa!!!!!!!!! or a large burger is not worth 1 hour of jogging ……..ill better sit on my **** and watch TV and have a cup of tea, next time…………LOL

Soon we will do a study on our regular readers, how intelligent all you have become, reading our blogs …………..……HA HA ha^^^

Eat Good And Live Happily 🙂




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Dr. Sunny Bawa is a sports doctor with a master’s in sports medicine. He specializes in nutrition and micro-trauma injuries. He has 10 years of experience and has handled weight loss needs since 2006. Bawa has been associated with athletes and games for a long time: He was part of the Commonwealth Health Team for Delhi in 2010 and has been the official team doctor for the ICC World Cup, Indian Athletics, and boxing teams. A natural bodybuilder himself, Bawa has won the titles of Mr. Mumbai and Chandigarh. He still trains and coaches celebrities and pro-athletes with special needs. One of the founders of NidSun clinics, Bawa and his team have a vision to bring world-class health facilities to the common man at the best price. Their aim is achieving long-term health and fitness goals and want to help others have a quality life free of diseases—the birthright of every person.

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