It was said that French women don’t get fat…Not anymore!

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We all know that French people are known for their incredible self control and moderation when it comes to eating. And they and Swiss are superior to rest of the world when it comes to taste and flavors be it French Wine, Swiss Chocolates or their exquisite menus prepared by French Chefs again one of the best chefs in the World………Sadly Not Any More!

Even in France and other Western European who were Quote “IMMUNE to become Obese”…are now facing this problem. As of now till 2014 according to WHO, 24% people in France and neighbouring countries were OBESE!…And the figures are true for both Men And Women. We had an opportunity to meet a Celebrity Chef from France 2 days back when he visited our Clinic. He was complaining that the taste buds of his nation’s youth were being ruined by over dose of salt and sugar being processed into a blend of western Diets. This has ruined their Satiety and when there is no taste, they keep eating. He said that he was worried about his children with the thought that they will also become obese.

WHO (World Health Organisation) describes overweight as “THE WORLD’S FASTEST GROWING FORM OF MALNUTRITION”  So it becomes our duty as NidSun Family, to resist this Obesity Epidemic and make this World a better place to live in because we all deserve to live a healthy and A Happy Life….Don’t we?

PS:     People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it. Our patients, who are ON weight Loss therapies, will reduce their weight  anyways because it works and make their lives much better!

Eat Good Live Lite 🙂

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Dr. Sunny Bawa is a sports doctor with a master’s in sports medicine. He specializes in nutrition and micro-trauma injuries. He has 10 years of experience and has handled weight loss needs since 2006. Bawa has been associated with athletes and games for a long time: He was part of the Commonwealth Health Team for Delhi in 2010 and has been the official team doctor for the ICC World Cup, Indian Athletics, and boxing teams. A natural bodybuilder himself, Bawa has won the titles of Mr. Mumbai and Chandigarh. He still trains and coaches celebrities and pro-athletes with special needs. One of the founders of NidSun clinics, Bawa and his team have a vision to bring world-class health facilities to the common man at the best price. Their aim is achieving long-term health and fitness goals and want to help others have a quality life free of diseases—the birthright of every person.

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