Shweta Sakharkar – Women Breaking Stereotypes

Women’s Week continues with amazing empowering ladies in all the fields. Since fitness is close to my heart and I know what struggle it can be esp. for women. I have huge respect for all Indian Women in this field.

Today, let’s meet one of my favorites because she’s literally honey bunch this sweet and strong girl. For the record not just a figure competitor and bikini athlete she’s also a Nike and ESP athlete  and featured in all magazines including Elle for her accolades.

Let’s hear it from her about her life and struggles :

Why did I choose this field ?

I was always into sports , been a volleyball player for 5 consecutive years (states, nationals), was a certified soccer referee in Mumbai and started playing football as well. Played 2 /3 years for various clubs. My mother being in this for more then a decade also made me inquisitive to know what like being a fitness person. I started training after I visited the first body power that happened in Mumbai. Over a period of time this sport has taught me many things and made me a calmer person . Nothing like it .

Where were your Challenges ?

I never faced any as such when it came to regards with my family/ friend /boyfriend acceptance. They completely love and respect what i do and that’s what i love about them . They know when I say that i can’t do this its not right for me, they wont force and ACCEPT . I have the most amazing people around me who motivates me and loves me for whatsoever I am doing. My father is such a person who wakes me up every morning only after he’s made green tea and oats for me . what else would I ask for ? My mother is life , its because of her that I am here doing what I like . She’s and dad are my backbone.  And other then that when it comes to the society people are now slowly accepting it but there are creeps as well, who wouldn’t stop commenting nasty for no reason and try and pull down, but over coming all this is makes you stronger mentally, and i am becoming mentally strong in time .


Your Message for others

FEAR NO ONE AND CREATE YOUR WORTH . That’s what I believe and follow . Only if you think about what the world will think you as a person will never grow which is eventually not right . Woman has the biggest power in the universe , if it wasn’t You people weren’t born. If someone is being judgmental let them be . Do what makes you happy because its one life and make the most of it .Love Yourself

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