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Yoga Bars : Reviewed 

So, recently I reviewed these protein bars and snackbars from yogabar 💚💚💚
So here’s my take on these bars
▶ #taste : these taste amazing

▶ #vegan snack bars : these have no #dairy in them they are vegan sourced #organic so you eat all #natural

▶ #proteincontent in protein bars : the protein content is higher than most bars in the market right now. Its a 21 gms in a 60 gm bar which is great if you want a high protein option. Which is sourced from whey protein (#dairy ), lentil and almonds

▶ it’s 100% natural ingredients with no sugar alcohols like sorbitol or erthyithol

but something you need to know about any protein bars or snack bars is
▶ they are not food 💁💁 they are snack for a reason. So you eat them when u cant have access to normal food. This is not susbtitute for food it has to used as emergency snack
▶ this is not for #weightloss. Again dont be impressionated that letting go of food and having a snack bar as food is gonna make you lose weight. It wouldn’t in fact increase your weight if u do so. Because these snack or protein bars are really high is #fat content because they need to provide you #energy. Just to give you an idea these bars have around 14 to 16 gms of fat in each serving which might be a set back to your fat loss plan if you continue to have this regularly.
So. I hope you ‘ll try these when u are tired and hungry and have no access to food around. That means #hikes #trek #shoots and all long hours you could carry these 💚💚💚
#energybars #nidhimohankamal #food #fatloss

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