Alcohol can be Guilt-Free Beverages if you want!

drinking alcohol guidelines

OK , so we know that drinking alcohol isn’t the best thing you can do for your health but if you are super social we want to be realistic and not very healthy!  If you enjoy a drink or 2 when you’re out with friends on a Saturday night?  It’s unrealistic to think you’re going to cut out 100% of fun food and drinks because you are trying to maintain weight.  Instead, focus on moderation and control so you won’t derail all your hard work and become overweight.  Here’s a caloric breakdown of your favourite drinks to help you pick your poison (ops I mean Alcohol) and stay on track to meet your weight loss goals:


Wine:  Each 150 ml glass is about 100 calories (except for sherry), this is for both white and red.  Red wine is full of heart healthy antioxidants so is a better choice over white.  Whichever you choose, we suggest you stick to no more than 1 glass for women to keep your caloric intake low.


Hard Liquor:  Higher in calories per 100 ml than wine and usually mixed with juice or soda further increasing the calories count.  If you must indulge, skip drinks like Mai-Tai’s and Pina Colada, as they contain massive quantities of sugar due to the drink mixes that are used to make them.  Instead, opt for calorie free mixers like diet soda or diet tonic water.

Here’s a calorie breakdown per 40 ml of hard liquor:

  • Vermouth-64 calories
  • Coconut Rum- 77 calories
  • Gin- 98 calories
  • Rye Whiskey- 104 calories
  • Scotch Whiskey – 104 calories
  • White Rum- 104 calories
  • Vodka- 104 calories
  • Cognac – 104 calories
  • Tequila- 104 calories


Beer: Coming in a close third is beer at about 150 calories per 350 ml servings.  Choose a light beer to further decrease calories without sacrificing flavor.  Watch your servings though. Beer is hard to measure when pouring from a pitcher into a beer mug.  Limit your this frothy beverage to max. 2 drinks while you’re out.  Here’s the nutritional info for a variety of beers based on a 350 ml serving size:

  • Light Beer- 108 calories
  • Draft Beer- 144 calories
  • Lager- 168 calories
  • Ale- 216 calories


Liqueur: It has a smooth taste and is usually served with dessert.  Many are mixed with coffee, cream, or other mixes that will increase your calorie and fat content.  Enjoy in moderation or risk adding hundreds of empty calories you don’t want or need. Here’s a breakdown of calories based on a 150ml serving:

  • Chocolate Liqueur- 155 calories
  • Mint Liqueur – 155 calories
  • Peppermint Liqueur- 155 calories
  • Strawberry Liqueur- 155 calories

Try making your drinks with fresh squeezed juice instead of store bought juice to avoid the extra sugar.

Whatever you choose, make sure to limit yourself to 1 to 2 drinks if you are intent to keep your waist slim enough. Binging on drinks will certainly make you fat.

Please drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive and take care   🙂

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