The Filmy Owl – Women Breaking stereotypes

We are celebrating women’s week and bringing to you stories of some amazing women who are breaking stereotypes. So, really Kick Ass ladies are going to be appearing in this space.

But, I am starting with my personal favorite (yes I am biased cause she’s a reason for a lot of things I do today, she dragged my lazy ass to social media) and off course she’s amazing at what she does.

Meet, Ms. Angel Bedi AKA The Filmy Owl !

At the first sight you’ll see a bindaas beautiful sadaarni with amazing curly hair and on-point eyebrows. Wait till she picks up a pen or brush …pure magic happens and you see these beautiful creations take form and you’ll relate so much to them. It’s not just her art, beauty but the wit, sense of humor and tastefully done doodles that would make you fall in love with TheFilmyOwl instantly.

Let’s ask her some questions about her life

  • We would like to know what made you choose the field you did and why ?

Lets go back to the school days and just say that this kid was super bad at all things ‘education’ ,  too prone to injuries for sports so art was her way out of everything . Post exams people would sleep or relax and i had my paints to dive into . So honestly i had no other choice but to instinctively become an artist !

  • What all challenges did you face in realizing your dreams, who became your backbone in times of a fall ?

my father has definitely been my guiding light and i have till date not faced any challenges as such , but there’s nothing that a good long nap cant fix ! Jokes aside , My growth and journey has been very organic and i like doing things in my own sweet pace . And that’s probably what papa Bedi has unintentionally taught me , to not compete with anyone , always wish well for anyone and everyone along the way !

  • What message would you like to give to other women out there trying to make their own dreams come true ?

Ladies and gentle men , as cliche as it sounds , always chose a line of work that you ache for . If your work is not making you happy , the whole purpose of life is defeated . Don’t rush , keep out of the rat race , do things your way and just try to be kind while you are at it .

Well Said Bedi Sa’ab ! Huge respect and big Love <3

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