Coffee for Athletes

You know how much I hate taking in supplements and any thing that comes in a box is usually a no no for me.
We all need some form of pre-workout, just to give ourselves a kick before we hit the gym floor. Usually Coffee does it for me and I don’t ingest those fancy colored, flavor God knows what pre-workout mixes for obvious reasons . I don’t know what’s in it.

So, I have my Coffee along with some form of Carbohydrate instead like a fruit. But recently I came across something that served my purpose and I was confident of what was inside it.

Unived Sports (this company only makes VEGAN products) has finally formulated the ultimate pre-workout , their Coffee for Athletes is a perfect dark roast South Indian Coffee with a little isomaltulose.

  • Coffee : Offourse has Caffeine , which is a stimulant that increases your heart rate and helps wake you up and off course have a better more productive workout.
  • Isomaltulaose :is a disaccharide carbohydrate composed of glucose and fructose naturally present in Honey and sugar cane extracts, it is a slow- and sustained-release carbohydrate. Low digestion and distal absorption of  isomaltulose contributes to the low blood glucose response and low insulin release, The low glycaemic response to isomaltulose has been confirmed in numerous studies for different population groups including healthy people, overweight or obese persons, and individuals in a pre-diabetic state and persons with diabetes. So, bottom line it’s good for you.

Another fact I love about this coffee is , just add one spoon to your coffee maker along with water and that’s it . Let it brew for a couple of minutes and we are done. Tastes best with only water

All this Gyan  on one side this is perfect tasting coffee which not only wakes me up but gives me the right quantity and quality of Carbohyrate I need before my workout.
My coffee is finishing now, it’s Chest Day today…So Bye ….See you on the floor ..bench press.

Do try the coffee !

Buy and read more about it on: Unived Sports Site

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