Gym Essentials for Leg Day

Hi My Lovelies !

So, I thought I should take you guys through my GYM Bag. Prepping up the gym is almost 40% of setting for good workout, imagine reaching the gym without headphones or water bottle. Workout would suck right ???? So here are items I would pack no questions asked

I hope this helps with your Leg Day Essentials , feel free to order any of these from Links below (I already did the homework for you )

iPhone7 256 GB Rose Goldย how I can do anything without this baby ๐Ÿ™‚ This is the best thing that has happened to me so far
1. Weightlifting Belt (Amazon) I ordered mine on Amazon , Extra Small waist problems ….also the color Pink What more do you want squats and deadlifts sorted

2. Cross Beats Bluetooth Earphones Order here: They are cheap durable and hastle free plus great battery life …legit amaze balls

3. Apple iWatch Series 2 Aluminium Order here: Cant talk enough about this watch , I have been so happy tracking my daily progress with this I can already feel my shredz kicking in, cause I track goals baby.

4. Puma HandGrips : Bought them at South Ex Puma store for 1299 best thing for my hands, no more warrior hands.
5. Ankle Straps for Pulley workout : Because we need booty gains baby. My cheap gym didn’t have ankle straps would that stop me hell no.

6. Water Bottle Puma: Bought at Puma South Ex, plus points no fuss loads of water out in one go.
7. Makeup Bag / Vanity
a. Hand Sanitizer:

b. Victoria Secret Body Spray:

c. Burt Beeโ€™s Lip Balm:

d. Wet Wipes(Baby):

8. Steel Dubba ( Fruits you fill yourself ):

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