My transformation journey and Staying Young

I know it’s not Tuesday yet. But, I need to share my own transformation first. This post is for all those weight on scale obsessed people (Also, for those who walk up to to me and say I am genetically strong).


This first pic is almost a decade old (I used to train back then too. Light weights and mostly dance , Zumba etc.) my eating was less I was a 1-2 Roti person. I was then also physically fit but building muscle wasn’t on cards,

In the second one I have gained 7-8 kgs since then, I eat more….much more now (more nutritious food though) and I don’t think it looks bad or manly or whatever. Also, roughly I am the same dress size (my frame is small it still is) but the back , arms are more muscular and that ass ( shame on me for no squats back then).


Making changes and reaching goals takes a lot of commitments and hard work but with consistency we get there. It’s all about celebrating and appreciating those small changes along the way and reflecting on how far we’ve come! ️🏼 Always appreciate the little things and be proud of yourself! We’re all on our own unique journey! ️



Well I’m proof that you CAN! You can’t change your bone structure but you most definitely can change your shape through and good guided diet (No supplements No meat) & training! 



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