How long will it take Me To Reach My desired Weight?

overweightThis is one staple question asked by 80% of our weight loss patients, especially in 1st counseling and I wish we had a single standard answer to that but I am afraid I don’t have it, Why?  Because it depends upon individuals, In fact few of our patients have lost up to 20 kgs in 3 months. 2 of our patients have lost more than 38 kilos and it took them 6 months and 11 months respectively, to accomplish their goals but we are proud of them that they did it with our therapies and a lot of patience.  As I said, it totally totally depends upon how your body responds to treatment, any chronic medical problems that might have griped you and how far you can keep yourself away from junk foods during treatment.

At NidSun, we have seen on an average, most of our clients lose 1 to 1.5 kilos every 10 days and around 1’’ in problem areas where therapies are given. I know that you can reduce more than 3 kilos by extreme dieting like fruit day, vegetable day etc. and I also know that the weight you lose by this kind of dieting comes back faster than it goes down and that too with some interest and if, somehow YOU are able to lose 7 to 10 kilos in small amount of time the side effects are immense and lasting on your skin, on your hairs, on your health and on your personal life… SO the effects of dieting are bad and weight loss becomes an ever lasting endeavour. The fact of the matter is that even if there is an effect this time with yo yo dieting, it won’t be effective next time you do it.

I know it’s tempting to slash your calorie intake considerably in an effort to lose weight fast because you can’t wait your weight to go down and it goes very quickly because in extreme diet you first start slimming as your body gets rid of water and stored glucose and NOT Fat!. In long term though, rapid weight loss without therapies means you’ll have to cut calories excessively – and ultimately, this will make your body even harder to reduce those extra kilos!… I’ll connect the dots..

We encourage our patients to eat Good quality nourishing food. And we want you to eat as much as possible, as often as possible within your calorie limits Of Cause…LOL… while keeping the right balance of protein, carbs, and low fats (Take Low fats only if you are taking sessions with us because Ultrasound, RF and Laser therapies is already dissolving stored fat for energy and metabolism, thus making external fat from food source not required and BetteR be minimalized during therapy).

Just in case you forgot what I have mentioned in some blogs earlier, Connecting those dots…YO YO dieting simply push the body into ‘starvation mode’ so that it becomes super-efficient at making the most of the calories it gets from food and drinks making your metabolic rate falls down dramatically. SO How does your body respond to long Dieting periods? It does this by protecting fat stores, instead body starts using lean tissue or muscle to provide it with the extra calories!! This leads to a loss of a lot of muscles, which in turn lowers metabolism and as the time progresses, your body starts losing active tissue the condition we call “Lean Fat Body”!  And to your nightmare…. weight loss slows down and then you stop losing weight even while dieting – not a good idea, if you want to see your-self slim and smart and want to lose a lot of weight consistently and permanently.

We at NidSun want you to be able to keep the weight off once you reach your target weight so that.. WHEN ever You come to us next time, we can go to next level of further fat sheading and not start from scratch…back to square as they say. So we want, your weight loss, nice and slow and MOST importantly Permanent.

All the above explanation gives Us a leverage to ask you…You tell us How Much weight you want to shead PERMANENTLY? And we’ll be Happy to guide you, in how much time you will do it…J

Eat Good Live Healthy…. 🙂

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