In what types of food are calories found?

nidsun calories

This question is in every one’s mind and has a simple answer to it. Almost everything you eat and drink contains calories- with the exception of water of cause. Some items such as dried herbs, diet drinks and black tea contains virtually no calories.

The 4 food groups that contain calories are carbohydrates, fats, proteins and alcohol first 3 being macro-nutrients because they form chunk of nutrients necessary for our body and alcohol is a non essential empty calories. Food that you eat is made with one or more of these food groups-e.g. tomato is mostly carbohydrate but has some protein as well, similarly potato is also mainly carbohydrate with little bit of fat and protein in it. Chicken chest has no carbohydrates but is rich in proteins and has some fat as well.  Sugars are an exception containing only carbohydrates in them. And oils of all kind including ghee, vegetable oils, olive oil etc. contain pure fats.

Each of the macro-nutrients has different quantities of calories. Carbohydrates have 3.75 cals/ gram proteins have 4, fats have 9 cals/grams and alcohol contains around 7 cals/gram.

So calories are every were and the right amount of calorie from macro-nutrient intake is the key to good health.

Eat Good live Lite  🙂

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