Men are Immune to cellulite, what is the reason for nature’s discrimination?



Cellulite are fatty deposit that causes a dimpled or uneven appearance, as around the thighs and buttocks.

For the above question that was asked by my patient today, answer lies in your hormones.

It is true that, in males cellulite problems are rare, but there are enough men with cellulite nowadays.

There are few reasons why very less number of males have cellulite as compared to females.

  1. Men’s skin is thicker than women’s and their collagen fibres are not arranged vertically, but in a horizontal crisscross that holds fat firmly, and not letting it press against the skin and give it an ugly look…that collagen arrangement is because of testosterone hormones in males.
  2. Just like women, Cellulite is not necessarily dependent upon body weight, so you can find really fat men with no cellulite at all. On the other hand surprisingly, we have young slim male patients just like slim women who come to us for cellulite treatments; some have cellulite even on their abdomen. Cellulite can affect both men and women of any age, weight, and size or body structure
  3. Hormone oestrogen is absent in men so there is very less fat deposited on thighs and hips as compared to females and these are the areas where cellulite love to show off.

My Doctor friends in Europe and N. America are giving cellulite treatment with similar machines and maintain similar quality standards as we are following here at NidSun, although they are charging 3 times that we are (for 6 cellulite ultrasound sessions one of my Colleague  in Georgia charges $1900!!!) aren’t we dirt cheap in comparison…LOL…I came to know this when one of his patient got treatment from us and Back in US told him about us…I remember  that he specially called me up few days back and we had a long discussion on this. Let’s come back to the topic now.

But hay… before you come to us try to avoid smoking, drinking and limit the amount of salt intake in your food and see if you find some improvement in next few days…and if you are among those who have tried it all, then You must come to us for some permanent solutions to your cellulite problems and get flawless skin that you always wanted without any invasive procedures… that really work like magic. treatments are as follows.


Of cause you have to eat healthy and never skip meals…:)

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