Natasha Noel – Women Breaking Stereotypes

We women esp. Indian Women have a long list of do’s and don’ts , should do this should so that etc etc. but then there some amazing women who fly like birds so so beautifully that everyone who watches them in complete awe. Subconsciously you pick up their vibe and they set you free too. Meet one such womaniya this super flexy bendy and naughty <3 but lovely human rubber band…Natasha Noel. This woman is energy, creativity and all fun in one package and she not only is good at Yoga but also writes beautifully. Her posts are inspiring , empowering and all about body positivity.

Let’s ask her a few questions and get to know her more

We would like to know what made you choose the field you did and why ?

I was always a creative person right from when i was a baby. I would always paint, dance, sing even though i sound like a toad) but creativity was my passion.

My mother put me into dance (Bharatnatyam) when I was 8 years only because she knew i was fighting a lot of demons an this was something which may help me. I am so grateful that she did, ever since then, dance has always been part of my life.

When I was 16, I joined the Danceworx Academy, where I was a professional dancer for 5 years. Then due to a knee injury, the doctor told me to either me i could walk or dance. So i chose to walk and I had to give up on my first love.


I finished my graduation In English Literature, took up photography professionally. I would photography dancers, just so that i could be closer to what i loved…dance.

For a year and a half I didn’t do much physically activity and my knee was getting better. I stumbled up on Instagram and from there my Yoga journey began. Yoga chose me and is healing me.

Today I not only practice yoga, I teach yoga, i am a writer and I uplift humans.

What all challenges did you face in realizing your dreams, who became your backbone in times of a fall ?

There have been so many! Struggling with depression, anxieties and my insecurities was never easy. Just the same self victimizing thoughts that you would never be able to do anything in your life has always been a seed buried in my soul. But you it can change. You can shift your life around if you chose. You can either be the victim to your story or the hero/in. My mother has always been there for me no matter what. She has been the light at the end of my tunnel. But it took me a long while to understand that I needed to be my own backbone. I needed to love myself through thick and think.

What message would you like to give to other women out there trying to make their own dreams come true ?

IF YOU GOT A DREAM, YOU have to work towards it. “Tomorrow or later or soon” is a beautiful promise land which you will keep waiting for, so don’t wait. Nothing in life comes easy, you have to hustle and you have to hustle hard. People will think you are crazy and they will make you believe that you cannot change the world. In my line of work, I’ve always loved proving people wrong. I’ve always changed the ‘Oh, you CAN’T!’ to “HELL YES! I CAN!”

As a woman you must realize, whatever you do, you will always be sexualized. Especially if you are a woman who loves breaking stereotypes. Let people talk. People talk because they are too petrified to live theirs. DON’T LET THEIR SHADOW DARKEN YOUR LIGHT!

Keep your head up and work with all your heart. Your intention to do anything should always be pure, don’t harm others more importantly don’t harm yourself Don’t listen to those negative thoughts that want to make you stop! YOU GOT THIS, YOU MASTERPIECE!!

Awesome Natasha , keep growing inspiring and shining. Much love and loads of best wishes to you for future.

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