Note to my Old Self and How I turned my life around

I don’t know if I have touched this topic before with you guys or not. But, growing up esp. in my teens I was a super self-conscious and shy teenager. First, I was gaining weight and when I took charge of that problem, my skin became my biggest enemy. I had cystic acne all through my collage life which means most days I would walk around with big red pus filed pimples and I would cry everyday looking into the mirror. As, a result I was camera shy and barely had any pictures form my collage days. Some days that even managed to put some make up on people would tease and point out my imperfections even more.

It didn’t end there, as with every Indian girl I struggled to find a She-ros, someone I wanted to be like. I struggled between being a typical Indian woman who is treated as second to her man, leaves her world her career and makes his world a happy place (which is a part of me, but not completely me) and an independent rebellious woman, who lives on her own terms is driven and career oriented (which again is me but not completely). Every time someone put me in a situation where I had to compromise something that I loved a lot like my work or my hobbies for an unimportant cause or just to fit into good books of society or norms, I cringed from within and ran in opposite direction. I always did what I found to be right. And trust me I heard a lot of BS from all those selfish people who wanted me to compromise my life for them. I have been told I am cold, too driven, too focused, too disciplined etc. etc. Well none of this is bad to me and nothing is stopping me and thankfully I had a family that raised me like a person and not like a woman who always compromises

Throughout the last decade, I have struggled to balance everything and find my true calling. But, step by step with every passing day there are few changes I did which worked wonders for me.

  • I stopped listening to others opinion on me, I wish I did this a long time ago. So many hours and days wasted worrying about things that don’t matter and people that don’t care
  • I started putting myself a priority, I decided that I wasn’t going to be second. I was my number one priority, I started doing what makes me happy taking care of my body and within no time with no miracle or drug my cystic acne was gone and I was this super confident chick clicking selfies like how
  • I started loving myself and respecting myself, so much that I didn’t allow anyone to treat me any less than what I deserve. For sure, I lost a lot of people in the process who claimed to love me, be my friends or well-wishers, but in my heart I know that none deserved a single minute of my attention and that my peace of mind is more important than those relations
  • And because I did all of these things, I can give more (in terms of love, energy and positivity) to everyone around me and I have become a magnet that attracts good vibes around myself.

Now, I wake up every morning feeling happy with myself, in my body and in my soul. I am surrounded by great positive minded friends, family and a great team which works around me, every day is a blessing and I make sure I hustle, grind and be the best version of who I am every single day. I am my own She-ro.

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