Can I spot reduce My hips and thighs by dieting?

thighsWhen you create an energy deficit, by say…. eating less or exerting 2 to 3 hours in a gym, you will lose weight all over.

But I am afraid that answer to the above Question is NO you can’t spot reduce your Hips and thighs by dieting and You Know it Girls.

You must have noticed that your body structure somehow remains the same as earler when you were heavier because relative fat is still there. E.g. one patient of mine had love handles and she had done all kinds of dieting and exercise loosing 8 kgs in 3 months, even then she was unhappy with her looks.When she first came for counseling, I asked her why she looked unhappy. She said that she has started wearing medium size t shirt from size L, “whenever I wear a tight t shirt my love handles are still the same as they were 3 months back” she said in a very sad tone, with a disappointed face. She was absolutely right when she said that, and I explained the reason for having the same shape despite of losing 8 kilos and one full size down.

In females’estrogens is a predominant hormone responsible for fat distribution.

Conjugated estrogen

Conjugated estrogens, or conjugated equine estrogens (CEEs), are blended equine estrogens, which may include estrone sulfate, equilin sulfate, and equilenin

So the fat is distributed in the bottom region basically starting from love handles to hips and thighs. Androgens are another set of hormones present in both males and females are responsible for fat distribution in abdominal areas and those love handles.  You cannot alter these hormones in your body because of your genes so you have to go in for spot reduction techniques like ultrasound, Cryolipolysis, laser or radiofrequency as decided by our Doctors and experts. The functioning of this mechanism for spot fat reduction is covered in our respective pages of this site. Cryolipolysis or ultrasound along with proper diet and exercise (if possible) will give you the looks that you crave for and be in your favorite dress. And yes that client of mine, she looks good and is happy to flaunt her new shape. Sorry can’t tell you her name as I can’t breach my client’s personal space for obvious reasons. However she reached her desired shape by 9” reduction (both thighs combined) in 10 sittings of Laser lipolysis and 1 cryolipolysis.


Eat good…. look good….. feel good   🙂




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