Can you suggest Me some Drink choices for weight loss, and why?


While people who want to lose weight often grab health drinks with sugar free, fizzy drinks or (dehydrating) weight loss drinks available in the market. The study from Harvard University seems to find this as not a good idea. Research on more than 3,000 men and women over 3 years, presented in 2007 to the American Heart Association, found drinking artificially flavored drinks not only made them more likely to develop obesity, but also linked with increased blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. Just 1 Can of (so called) health drink or diet sodas made participants up to 60% more likely to develop these conditions.

It will sound boring to you but plain WATER really is the ideal drink for someone who wants to lose weight. This is because water is calorie free, contains no artificial additives, hydrates you and can even help to fill you up. A glass of water before the meal and in between meal will fill you and blunt the appetite a bit because a lot of time we mistake thirst for hunger and hunger for thirst, so best way to rule out if you are thirsty or hungry is by having a glass of water and wait for some time. If You still feel hungry then go grab something to eat.

It is summer and if you are on a holiday in Icey peaks of Himalayas or some hill station in Europe,a hot drink on this cold cold day we recommend ordinary tea or green tea. Tea is good for cardiovascular system, can help prevent blood clots and is rich in antioxidants which can also prevent heart diseases and cancer as well. Green tea is virtually calorie free and you can easily have 7 to 8 cups every day.

Researchers indicate that 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day is also fine. For slimmers—it increases the metabolism thus helping weight loss. But, of course, it’s best not to add calories in the form of sugar or high fat milk and that applies to both tea and coffee. We will advice you not to have strong tea or coffee late in the evening, as it will affect the quality of sleep in some of YOU.

Green tea is virtually calorie free and contains abundance of anti oxidants while being low on caffeine. You can also try various herbal teas available at stores near you. And yes you can also make clear soup at home and drink it to your good health.

Eat Good    Live Lite    and    Feel Great  🙂



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