Can we resist the temptations of Chocolates / Chips?

food temptations

To Listen to your Tummy or be deaf is the question!

Did you know that Chips (or any other junk food) placed right in front of us are likely to get eaten even if we wish to lose weight or do not actually like those chips so much!

And even if you Stretch your meals on a holiday over several leisurely hours or having wholesome satisfying lunch meals slowly one bite at a time… won’t help you say no to biscuits, rusks or cupcakes at tea time, shows a Dutch study.

The Maastricht University research found that people who eat a meal staggered in 2 hours intervals snacked on almost the same number of treats offered to them half an hour later as compared to those who had eaten the same meal but 3 hours back. This was despite slow eaters reporting feeling less hungry after their meals then the speedy eaters.

Researchers say that the offer of treats seems to override the body’s internal messages that tell you to stop eating. It’s time to learn to resist temptation! … Answer to the above question seems to be, NO we cannot resist the temptation of JUNK food just like that, however remedy is…Talk to our experts at NidSun for full answers.

Eat Good      Live Lite      and        Feel Great  🙂

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