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Eat Out…But Think Out Of The Box For A Tasty, Guilt Free Experience!!


If you know these tricks to order your food properly, your eating out can be Guilt free and a tasty experience for sure. And you agree that you eat out once in a week so why not try something that strikes the balance between great taste and a good health. So here are 11 golden formulas for NidSun family from team NidSun:

  1. Order appetisers and salad as your main menu.
  2. Share your dishes with friends and make a conscious effort not to finish everything on your plate is an easy way to reduce your fat and calorie intake.
  3. Try to find opportunities for increasing your vegetable intake wherever you can as vegetables have lower calories compared to the same quantity of other foods
  4. When ordering vegetables, look for steamed or raw dishes, which have the highest nutritional value and are lowest in calories.
  5. When ordering meat or fish, choose grilled rather than fried dishes.
  6. Choose plain boiled rice over fried rice.
  7. Go for naan instead of puri.
  8. Select a grilled meat instead of a curry, and you will avoid the calorie-rich sauce, especially if it’s a cream based one. An average portion of chicken tikka, for example, has 15g fat compared with chicken dhansak (wherechicken is cooked in spiced Dhal) which has 30g of fat in it!!!!.
  9. Drink a large glass of water or even eat a small light snack like raw vegetables such as small plate of cucumber or carrots before going out to dinner. This will help you avoid overeating outside.
  10. Stop eating as soon as you start feeling full no matter how much is left in your plate. For Rest of the food, you can always ask your waiter to pack it for you.
  11. When ordering pasta dishes, look for tomato based sauce rather than cream based ones.

Let’s make eating out an enjoyable moment, not only for taste buds but for your body as well. If you still need some help we are there for you… Contact us

Eat Good Live Lite 🙂


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