My Hair Care Routine

So, finally I did manage to film and put together my entire product line up for Hair Care Routine, trust me I need an award for this one.

Here are some products that worked for me with my kind of hair, texture etc. You could watch me blabber away to glory in this youtube video or Go through some sensible writing I have done in this Blog

1: Hair Oil: I personally would go for any coconut Hair oil but its a little hard to wash off coconut oil so I go for Bhringraj Oil My recent favorite  is Gulnare SkinCare’s Kesara which retails at Rs. 650

Or if you are looking for a cheaper alternative go for Himalaya at just Rs. 170

2: Shampoo : Too much shampoo can be drying and damaging to hair, so I don’t do it more than thrice a week, my current fav is Tony & Guy for Dry Hair. You almost don’t need a conditioner with this one. At Amazon you can buy it for Rs. 600 otherwise it retails at Rs. 800 in stores

3. Conditioner: Personally was in love with the dove conditioner which came in a tube, but guess its discontinued, so currently using this organic harvest Hair Spa twice or mostly once a week.

4. Hair Spary: Now the nest thing to use for your hair , still to hold my styles in place I use this one in hold 5 for maximum hold.

5: Leave in conditioner: For the days when my hair is completely out of control , I go for Loreal’s Liss control, leaves hair super silky and shiny
6. Heat Protection Spray : : Guys cant insist enough to use a heat protection spray before heat treatments and styling. Make sure your spray has dried out before styling so you don’t end up frying them

7. Detangling Spray: Since my hair is a little extra long I cry detangling them because of the sheer length and volume. Body Shop’s Detagling Spray is my rescue in this Case


I hope these products help you too as much as they helped me please fell free to ask me anything at



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